Majority of low cost IOT devices are not supported Apple platform officially. Thanks for open source projects “Homebridge” ( https://homebridge.io ) which provides method to connect those non-HomeKit devices and let control through “Siri”. How cheap for those devices ? Let’s show all the home gadgets here !

Broadlink RM3

This method is the easiest and cheapest way to connect existing devices, I believed most of home devices they supported remote control through infrared connection such as air conditioner and television. Only $20 found in amazon. Reasonable price to transform the remote control behavior. Much more convenient if you have HomePod as well.

Mi Fan and Light

A set of home devices such as light and fan from “Mi”. Although “Mi” company they didn’t built all products support HomeKit directly. However, “Homebrige” has plugins to connect it and provide functions to Apple HomeKit. Cannot believe that just only expand around $350 to bring my home to next level. “Mi” is the only brand on market, I think.

Smart TV

If you are planning to replace your existing television to Smart TV with HomeKit integration, you can take more choose such as Sony Bravia Android TV. “Homebridge” has several of plugins let you remote it like “Tony Stark” does. Most of plugins support changing TV channel, volume by any user’s custom keywords.