Homebridge installation

Step for deploy Homebridge in K3s

1   Download K3s homebridge ( https://homebridge.io ) pod deployment yaml

2   Edit yaml file and replace your homebridge information

3 Input following command to deploy Homebridge pod into K3S
         # kubectl apply -f homebridge-deployment.yaml

4   Verify Homebridge pod is running
         # kubectl get pod -o wide

5 Setup HomeBridge user account for administration

After login, You can see a QRcode which feature “Add Accessory” for Homekit like another official support devices they provided.

Focal point of Homebridge in docker / K3S installation is HomeKit required “Bonjour” network protocol which let pairing between macOS/iOS devices and HomeKit devices without network configuration on same network, Make sure the network setting of Homebridge pod / container is running same subset with Homekit devices. If HomeBridge pod / container network setting was not specified, HomeKit software wouldn’t success after scan. It couldn’t works even using map port feature on K3S as well. In this situation, it must apply “hostNetwork” feature into yaml config. Let homebridge pod listen node’s port and network directly.

  • Pro and cons of “hostNetwork”
    • “Bonjour” network supported
    • Not support pod’s failover feature. Better intend the pod create on specific node and IP address. Hense Homekit won’t work if the Homebridge’s IP address has been changed unless add extra load balancer on top of K3S cluster’s infrastructure.
    • Backup HomeBridge data is necessary due to single point of failured.

To be continue for integration between Homebridge and unofficial Homekit support products. Thanks.