Broadlink RM3 mini

Most of model infrared universal remote devices from Broadlink isn’t support HomeKit officially. Thanks for plugin “Homebridge Broadlink RM Pro” ( ) which still supports low-end model such as RM3 mini. It is easy to find from Amazon store.

Reason make implement of low cost model RM3 mini instead of other high-end model:

  • Just use for remote air conditioner cause this kind of home appliance isn’t easy to make a replacement
  • Purchase an air conditioner that supported HomeKit directly for future

Installation of “Homebridge Broadlink RM Pro”

1 Use Broadlink app to config RM3 mini join into your wifi network.

2 Just login to homebridge admin and go to page “Plugins”, then search “Broadlink” and install plugin.

3 Enable child bridge feature and add into Homekit app. ( See another page “Homebridge to HomeKit” if you don’t know how to do this steps )

4 Scan Child bridge QR code to add to HomeKit app first and the plugin provides a infrared button named “Learn” it is for recording the infrared command and shows into “Homebridge Logs” on main page. Then click “Learn” and use air condition remove press power on button

5 Go to “Homebridge Logs” page to find the learn code.

6 Go back to “Plugins” page and click “Setting” inside the box “Homebridge Broadlink RM Pro”. Then define the name, type and paste the leaned code and save.

7 Restart Homebridge, then go to HomeKit App. The power on / off feature presented and ready to use.

More tips, you can setup an automation to integrate the air conditioner trigger by temperature / humidity if you have HomePod mini or latest version of HomePod.