Sony AndroidTV


It has several of HomeBridge plugins support Sony Bravia Android TV. Suggested use the one which called “Homebridge Bravia Tvos” instead of others. It supports channel auto fetch such as “Netflix” “Youtube” and other TV channels. Just let HomeBridge fetch the TV feature and define the display name for HomeKit is fine. You don’t need to add features one by one, If really save time.

Click here to check the Bravia model direct support HomeKit or not

Steps for setup integration HomeBridge with Sony Brav

1 Join TV to same network with HomeBridge. Better to assign static IP address.

2 Define pre-shared key on Sony Android TV.

3 login to homebridge admin and go to page “Plugins”, then search “Bravia” and install plugin.

4 Click “SETTINGS” inside “Homebridge Bravia Tvso” box and input TV IP address with pre-shared key.

It auto fetch all the channels and features

5 Homebridge displays all the features by “TV inputs”, “Channels”, “Applications” and “Audio Output” after auto fetching. Just define what features present to Homekit, Don’t forget to check the “Wake on Lan” and save.

6 Enable child bridge feature and add into Homekit app. ( See another page “Homebridge to HomeKit” if you don’t know how to do this steps )

7 Scan Child bridge QR code to add to HomeKit app first and the plugin provides a infrared button named “Learn” it is for recording the infrared command and shows into “Homebridge Logs” on main page. Then click “Learn” and use air condition remove press power on button