More explanation on it. No free lunch on the world. I run some applications they are buying my internet bandwidth such as honeygain, packetstream and more as pods in K3S cluster. Majority of the “buyer” they provided docker command to kick start application. I converted the docker command to K3S support file (yaml) by following amazing tools to help for conversion.

https://www.composerize.com – web tool for convert docker command to docker compose file. Just input docker run command into the website which will generate the docker compose format.

https://kompose.io – This is a very cool linux tool to convert docker compose file to K3S yaml file. Just following their installation and use following command for the conversion. It helping me quick learning about the K3S pod deployment basic usage. Sure if you don’t want expand time for conversion. Just go to the installation page for each application, I have already uploaded the K3S yaml template there.

About the pods, hence all hardwares using “Pi” became K3S nodes which CPU are running arm64 architecture. That’s why I have run pods “binfmt” as daemon in each K3S node. “binfmt” service let the K3S run pods which created by Intel base linux docker images.

Here it is how to apply “binfmt” pods with K3S yaml file.

Basic cluster environment is ready. Let’s talk about the project objective part. I deployed following pods for gaining “little bit extra” to buy my favourite snacks. Click following links for installation and download k3s & docker configuration yaml template for each application.