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Step for deploy Pawns in K3S

    1   Click here to register Pawns

   2   Download K3S Pawns pod deployment yaml

   3   Edit yaml file and replace your Pawns information

   4   Input following command to deployment Pawns pod into K3S
         # kubectl apply -f iproyal-deployment.yaml

   5   Verify Pawns pod is running
         # kubectl get pod -o wide

* The provider has been changed the application name from “IPROYAL” to Pawns, It is the reason why the my config file is still using iproyal. Don’t worry about it, they are same things.

Step for deploy Pawns into docker

1   Click here to register Pawns

2 Download docker-compose yaml file here and input Pawns login and password

   3 Input following command   
         # docker-compose -f pawns_docker.yaml up -d

Installation steps for Windows / macOS

  1   Click here to register Pawns

2 Download installer from Pawns