Similar feature with honeygain and support multi method crypto wallets payout such as Binace, Coinbase, Electrum, Trush and more …..

Step for deploy Peer2Profit in K3S

    1   Click here to register Peer2Profit

   2   Download K3S Peer2Profit pod deployment yaml

   3   Edit yaml file and replace your Peer2Profit information

   4   Input following command to deployment Peer2Profit pod into K3S
         # kubectl apply -f p2pclient-deployment.yaml

   5   Verify Peer2Profit pod is running
         # kubectl get pod -o wide

Step for deploy Peer2Profit into docker

1   Click here to register Peer2Profit

2 Download docker-compose yaml file here and replace your peer2profit email

   3 Input following command   
         # docker-compose -f peer2profit_docker.yaml up -d

Installation steps for Windows / macOS / Android

  1   Click here to register Peer2Profit

2 Login to Peer2Profit and downtown installer from admin dashboard